Live and Work in the Kennebec Valley

Home to the Maine’s state capital, the Kennebec Valley Region is known for its Rafting, Main Streets, Hiking, Rivers, and much more.


To get to know the Kennebec Valley, you need only to follow the river that runs through it. That north to south journey through the valley’s 5000 square miles tells a story of recreation, culture, education and history that reveals a richly rewarding view around every river bend.

The fun starts in the Forks. That confluence of the Dead River and the Kennebec is a Maine whitewater rafting mecca, a place where the longest stretch of continuous whitewater in the East meets the Class IV rapids that roar through the spectacular Upper Kennebec Gorge.

Drift south and you’ll come to a world-class cultural attraction at the internationally renowned Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. By the time the water reaches Waterville, you’ll have education on mind, as you approach one of the top-20 liberal arts schools in the country and the gorgeous grounds of Colby College.

Your final stop before the sea is a look back at history in the capitol city of Augusta. You’ll feel a palpable connection to Maine’s past as you walk among the museums and halls of the State House Complex. But your journey to the town’s recently redeveloped riverfront will show you just how rich your future in the Kennebec Valley could be.

Source: Live and Work in Maine 

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